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We want to give people back their data and files. We want to create innovative and simple solutions that allow individuals to collect, create, and share data, and at the same time guarantee and certify them, without the need for third parties authorities or complex cloud solutions.

Our strength is the integrated use of an innovative blockchain-based solution we have internally developed: BOHR. BOHR is an innovative patent-pending solution based on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) that enables anyone to overcome the need to rely on cloud providers.

Thanks to its simplicity, BOHR empowers anyone, even those with little-to-no technical skills to securely manage and share their data on a peer-to-peer basis.

Reasons of privacy, security, and protection of industrial secrets are increasingly suggesting to avoid delegating data storage to third-party databases. In today’s complex digital world, the re-appropriation of data by users is the only path forward.

Our proposition is a radical innovation that deeply changes the paradigms currently known by business and individual users. For this reason, BOHR has been conceived as an overlay that can work within existing workflows. In this way, BOHR enables a natural and frictionless shift from traditional data management models (cloud based) toward a decentralized and peer-to-peer management system.

We take security and privacy very seriously. We use multiple layers of encryption to be sure everything stays safe: our connections are protected using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL), and the little data we need to collect from our users (to process payments and authenticate users) is stored in first-class data storage facilities. Additionally, even such small bits of data are encrypted, so that no one - not even our staff - has direct access to it.

Our business is not to manage your data, we don't claim any right over it, we do not access it, store it, or anyhow process it.

With BOHR you are the only one in possession of your data.

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BOHR is your private decentralized solution to store and share your files.